Hiya, my name's Emily. I'm a Senior Creative by day and a weightlifting, cake eating sass pot by night. This is a space for me to share everything from Creative chatter, to wellness write-ups - it's all the weird and wonderful bits that make me, me. Welcome along, y'all.

The bigger picture is I'm on a mission to encourage Women & Creatives to be a little braver, think big and behave badly. I'm also a ferocious campaigner for Mental Health, having had my own experience with Anxiety Disorder, I'm determined to do my bit to stem the stigma. This has led me to speak openly about my own experience of wellness and wellbeing, all from personal experiences with zero fucks or frills.

My writing is a car crash of where my professional life and personal life collide - intermixed with the cathartic release I discovered with writing whilst studying for my Masters. All the while, being a woman in her 20's on Social Media, I'm acutely aware of the pressure it feels there is to be 'perfect' - or at least to perceive it. I'm also aware of how much what we consume through our Instagram feeds directly effects how we feel. That's why you might hear me say from time to time 'Fill your feed like you do your belly, with the good stuff that makes you happy'.