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Unicorn Toast

Unicorn Toast

You might have seen these sensational slices doing the rounds at the moment, to most it’s called ‘unicorn toast’, to me it’s calling ‘eat me, I taste magical’. So, I couldn't help but get in on a slice of the action and have a go at making these myself.


Whilst it might look mystic, there’s no mystery in how I made it. I’ve popped the details below so that you can have a go at making your own creations. The method is really simple, and the beauty is every time you make it, it will come out slightly different! You can experiment with different superfood powders to get different colours, decorate with different toppings - the list is endless and the creations each as magical as the last.





Bread (I used Waitrose Wheat & Rye Sourdough)

Low Fat Cream Cheese

Spirulina Powder (I used the Naturya one)

Betroot Powder

Edible Gold Dust (to top)

Freeze Dried Raspberries (to top)





Toast your bread until golden and slather a thick layer of low fat cream cheese on top. Now that you’ve got your white base, you can start to add colour using the powders (I used Spirulina & Betroot). 


To make the green/blue colour, you need to use the Spirulina powder. Start by dusting one corner of the toast with a thin layer, and begin mixing it in using a swirling motion across the rest of the slice - no fancy tools, I used my knife. Do this until you’re happy with the colour - if you want places darker, add more powder, if you want to add more white back in, add more cream cheese. I then topped the finished slice with edible gold dust to make it even more spectacular.



The pink colour is made by repeating the same process but using the beetroot powder. I then topped this slice with freeze dried raspberry pieces to make it extra fruity and fabulous.


To make the slightly light blue multicoloured slice, I mixed the two powders together (on the toast) switching between swirling the Beetroot powder and the Spirulina. This was a trial slice really as I wasn't sure how the colours would blend, but it turned out really nice.


Getting your hands on some of the powders can be a little tricky. Spirulina is easy to get hold of (I got mine in Waitrose) but for Beetroot powder you might need to have a look in a health food store or I got mine on Amazon. The edible gold dust was also from Waitrose, but I'm pretty sure I've seen this in most supermarkets in the cake baking section.

If your’e looking for a higher protein hit, you can use high protein bread (I like the Tesco Farmhouse High Protein loaf or the LivLife’s loaf). It’s really simple to do, but looks so impressive making it a big win for me - oh, and did I mention it looks great on the gram? I'm going to experiment with a few more colours and powders, so I'll keep you posted!

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