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Making Memories Over Macros

Making Memories Over Macros

If you haven’t been able to tell from the billions of bikini shots on my Instagram over the last few weeks, we’ve been away on holiday in Florida for 10 days. As you can see from my snaps, I look pretty similar to when I left - shocking, right. Well, not really because there are some tips that I tend to follow when travelling which help me have a healthy holiday. That’s not me saying I don’t let my hair down (although if we’re being literal, I don’t - cos’ humidity) but more me saying that I’d rather opt for balance than a binge.



After all, if you’re leading a healthy lifestyle that you enjoy at home, why should that be any different just because you’re in a different country? From balance (no, I’m not talking about holding your buffet plates), to getting sweaty in the sand - I’ve shared my top tips on how to pack your healthy habits, as well as your bathing suit.


Be Balanced

If you remove the categorisation of foods as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and let yourself enjoy (in moderation) what you want, when you want it, applying this to your holiday really isn’t that different. Granted, there is more temptation, but I find a huge aggravator of excessive eating is the pep talk you give yourself in your head that you can’t enjoy these things at home. Learning to achieve moderation over deprivation is the key to balance.


Be Active

Go for a walk, try a HIIT session on the sand or go for a swim in the hotel pool. I’ve openly talked about the benefits of walking on more than one occasion, but I think on holiday this comes into play more than ever. It’s accessible (you can do it anywhere), it’s enjoyable (who doesn’t like a walk on the beach ) and it takes minimal effort (you’ll do it without even realising).



Be Consistent

Keep some of your home routine that you know and love, that could be anything from your go-to healthy breakfast to your daily step goal. This sounds like quite an odd one, but it comes back to the point of balance. And remember, balance doesn’t work without consistency. So, whilst you might be high-fiving Five Guys at lunch time, you might’ve started the day with your usual bowl of oats & berries, which you know is nutrient dense.


Be Guilt-free

Remove the guilt when it comes to indulging, enjoy what you want, when you want it, in moderation. These days/weeks are such a small percentage of the bigger picture, remember that. Serving every ice cream with a scoop of guilt shouldn’t be on anyone’s holiday agenda.


Be Intuitive

Feed based on how you feel and switch on your emotional radar. By this I mean listen to your body, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what it wants, when it wants it - trust this, but respect it. Quite often you hear people talk about food for the ‘soul’ and food for the ‘body’. There are some foods which may have very little nutritional density, but do feed you emotionally. Learn to listen to what your body wants and when it wants it.



So, the bottom line is, holiday’s should be all about making memories over making your macro count. You shouldn’t be coming home with bags packed with guilt about the crash diet that’s to follow as soon as your iPhone switches to local time. A healthy lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle - for living.

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