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Healthy Mixed Berry Crumble

Healthy Mixed Berry Crumble

This recipe is for my healthy twist on a family classic - crumble! My mum isn’t eating chocolate at the moment so I wanted a pudding on Mother’s Day that she would like and also one that was a healthier take which the family would still love. The recipe is so simple, it only has 2 ingredients - yep, 2! Frozen Berries & High Protein Granola. Here’s exactly what I used:

For the filling:

  • Tesco Perfectly Imperfect Mixed Berries
  • Eat Natural Protein Packed Granola

I opted for these Tesco ‘imperfect’ berries in the frozen section because I love the idea of not judging something by what it looks like! There’s a great variety in here of Blackberries, Strawberries and Raspberries and because they’re frozen they’re really fresh and delicious.

I used Eat Natural’s High Protein Granola, but I’ve also used Lizzie’s which is another great option for a lower sugar, higher protein granola. The Eat Natural version I used today was made with only 10 ingredients which I love, and it was also refined sugar free with 9g of protein per portion. The blend was made using oats roasted with almonds, seeds and honey - really simple, but really delicious.

The method:

This couldn’t have been more straight forward to make! I simply put all of the frozen berries into a large casserole dish and sprinkled a thick layer of the granola on top. I didn’t add any sugar or flour, literally just sticking to these two ingredients to keep it really simple! I left the dish out on the side for about 3 hours whilst we prepped the rest of the food and ate our mains, then I popped it in the oven at 190°C for around 20 minutes (or until the topping starts to brown).


To serve:

We served it with a dollop of Oppo Healthy Vanilla Ice Cream - I am obsessed with this stuff! It’s so delicious and a great healthy swap. It melted over the warm crumble and tasted amazing! At only 74kcal for 2 scoops, this stuff is seriously yummy without going over the top with a higher calorie option.


Let me know if you try the recipe, and I’d love to know of any other frozen fruit combos you try!



Eat Natural Granola:

Tesco Perfectly Imperfect Mixed Berries: 

Oppo Ice Cream:

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